home… once upon a time on Flickr.

home… once upon a time.

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her home on Flickr.

#lifeinbw Sept 20 {home}

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buzz on Flickr.


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eat on Flickr.

good morning! {eat} #lifeinbw sept 18.

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surfers on Flickr.

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tulip in b&w on Flickr.

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in the street on Flickr.

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a favorite muse - #lifeinbw square and the gorgeous Nikki Meyer.

"The sidewalks in the street, the concrete and the clay
Beneath my feet begins to crumble, but love will never die
Because we’ll see the mountains tumble, before we say goodbye”

- Concrete and Clay by
UK pop group Unit 4 + 2 (1965)

Inspired by a song

"Show me the way
And I’ll follow you today”

- No Hidden Path by Neil Young.

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my cowboy on Flickr.

#lifeinbw Sept 10: wide

time on Flickr.

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.

- Steve Jobs

time - #lifeinbw Sept 9

animal - #lifeinbw Sept 4 on Flickr.

barn cat at William’s Farm in Palm City. #nx30

low… watching the storm. #lifeinbw

I am probably just like the rest of you. Before the addition of flip & tilt screens, I spent a lot of time on my stomach in the dirt. :)